Stainless Steel Water Tanks

Aquasafe SS Water Tanks

We provide the best grade stainless steel, which is SS304 / SS316, and as a result, our tanks need almost no maintenance. The SS tanks that we produce are cost-effective yet look classic at the same time.

Our tanks are available in different sizes, starting from 100 liters to 5,000 liters.

Product Specification:

● Material: SS 304/316 Grade

● Capacity: 100L, 250L, 300l, 500L, 750L, 1000L, 1500L, 2000L, 3000L, 5000L

● Delivery Time: 1-7 Days

● Warranty: 10 Years

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Aquasafe SS Water Storage Tanks

Our SS Tanks have no environmental impact, and as a result of this, they can be easily used in places like Water Treatment Plants, Housing Projects, Hospitals, Institutions, Industries, Banquet Halls, Hospitals, and Complexes.

Sl. No. Capacity Dimension in Inches (Height X Diameter)
1 300 L SS Tank 41 X 30
2 500 L SS Tank 65 X 28.5
3 1000 L SS Tank 70 X 38.5
4 1500 L SS Tank 73 X 48.5
5 2000 L SS Tank 87 X 48.5
6 3000 L SS Tank 89 X 63
7 5000 L SS Tank 124 X 63

Why Choose Aquasafe SS Water Tanks?

We have over 12 years of experience in making SS Water Storage Tanks. We provide the best grade stainless steel, which is SS304 / SS316, and as a result, our tanks need almost no maintenance.

The tanks that we produce are cost-effective yet look classic at the same time. Our tanks are available in different sizes, starting from 100 liters to 5000 liters.

The other reasons to choose our tanks are as follow:

1. Heat Resistant:
Unlike plastic, stainless steel does not affect heat and will not deform.

2. Leakage proof:
Every SS tank that we provide is leak-proof and goes through various tests to make sure of that.

3. One-Time Investment:
It has a fantastic life span with almost zero maintenance. As a result, it automatically becomes a one-time investment.

4. Flexible design:
We can also provide customized tanks according to the requirement of the customer.

5. Health benefits:
By not being made of plastic, the tanks are much healthier and do not allow insects and pests to contaminate the water.

6. Easy to Clean:
The discharge system is arranged at the bottom of the tank to make the cleaning process very easy, thus simplifying the customer’s life.

7. Temperature controlled:
Due to an excellent mirror finish on the outside, the tank does not allow heat to enter and alter the water temperature.

8. The material used:
The Materials used in the production of the tanks are the ones used in the health and food industries, making our tanks hygienically very safe.

9. SS 304 food grade:
We use 304 food-grade stainless steel, which is the global choice for hygiene. It prevents bacteria and Algae growth, is not toxic, and at the same time, is leakage and rustproof.

10. Customized sizes:
There are a lot of different sizes available (100L, 250L, 500, 750, 1000L, 2000L, 3000L, and 5000L). At the same time, custom-size tanks can also be manufactured based on the requirement.

11. Warranty:
Every tank that comes from us has a ten-year warranty.

Advantages of Using SS Water Tanks

Stainless Steel Water Tanks are the ones for the future. Nowadays, most tanks used are made of plastic, and they are getting outdated slowly. The production of plastic tanks involves petrochemicals which are very harmful to human beings. Also, since plastic has a porosity property, it helps in the growth of bacteria and other disease-causing germs.

On the other hand, stainless steel tanks are the tanks of the future. They keep your water clean and free from disease-causing bacteria. They do not require much maintenance. They look outstanding and aesthetic. They are designed to make your life easier, as even changes in extreme temperatures cannot harm the water stored inside them.

Also, they are breakage free, which means appliances that need extreme hot or cold temperatures can use this because it will not harm the body or surface of the tanks. This is because they are resistant to extreme temperatures and breakage. These tanks have almost zero maintenance and have an extended life service.

The other Benefits of SS Tanks are as follow:

1. Can be Recycled:

Stainless steel is very environmentally friendly as it is made from a safe metal alloy. Nowadays, almost all Stainless steel is made with the use of natural energy and biodegradable resources. This happened after many years of scientific research. As a result, all stainless steel tanks are 70% biodegradable and can easily be recycled. This also helps in reducing the carbon footprint.

2. Corrosion Protection:

Unlike plastic, stainless steel has immense durability. It does not get corroded, resists oxidation by water, and resists biocides as well. All these are very important when it comes to products that work around water since water can easily damage the product. Since it has all these protections, a coating is not even required, be it internal or external.

3. Durability:

Stainless Steel tanks are resistant to a lot of things. That includes heat, cold, cracking, or rusting. It remains unaffected through a wide range of temperatures and does not crack even under immense pressure. They also have a high resistance to crevice corrosion, cavitation, and wear and tear, in both pure and contaminated water. Also, in the 21st century, substances must have protection from radiation which our tanks provide as well.

4. Hygiene:

People prefer concrete tanks in most applications, mainly based on the fact that they are the cheapest. If they did some research, they would find out that concrete tanks have the possibility of most bacterial growth among all types of tanks. It also is susceptible to mold growth and chemical leaks. Since these types of tanks are porous, they leach the element calcium, which for obvious reasons, contaminates the water. If people are drinking water from such a source, then they are going to have some severe health issues.

In comparison, stainless steel tanks are a much better choice. It might leach alloy elements like Cr and Ni, but it has zero leakage because it is a non-porous material. Having high passive film stability, it also contributes to the inertness in water.

5. Mobility:

Concrete tanks cannot be moved from one place to another. Suppose a business changes its location, it has to build another tank if they continue with a concrete one. On the other hand, if the business had a stainless steel tank, they would just have to move the tank from their old location to their new one. This avoids buying a new tank and all the other efforts associated with it.

6. Aestheticism:

When it comes to looks, a stainless steel tank beats every other tank. A concrete or plastic tank looks very cheap and out of place. Whereas, stainless steel tanks will remain in fashion for a long time and, if required, can be painted on to suit any surroundings.

7. Cost:

The stainless steel tank costs a little high than the plastic and concrete ones. Still, when you consider that it has immense longevity (40 to 50 Years), has almost zero maintenance, and has various health benefits.

FAQ on SS Water Tanks

Why Choose 304 Grade Stainless Steel Material for Water Tanks?
Grade 304 is the same as the one in your kitchen sinks. Meaning grade 304 is the healthiest and most hygienic quality you can get. Hence it is safe for the storage of drinking water and other needs. It can also be used to store rainwater.
Which SS Grade Tanks is Best For My Water Supply?
The best grade for your water supply is:
SS 304: In case of RO/ Drinking Water & Corporation Water (TDS less than 500)
SS 316: In case of Borewell Water (TDS less than 2000)
How to Clean and Maintain SS Water Storage Tanks?
Inside the Tank: To clean the inside of the tank, let the dust, sand, and other impurities settle down at the bottom. Then open the tap, which is at the bottom, and all the impurities will come out. Soon you will notice that there is fresh, pure water coming from the tap, close the valve then. Do this every month.
Outside the Tank: Clean the outside of the tank with a brush or sponge and soap every six months.
Why Should I Buy Aquasafe SS Water Storage Tanks?
Our tanks are the tanks of the future. They are made from the best in class food-grade 304 stainless steel. Our SS Tanks have a long life and do not require much maintenance. Stainless steel is solid and has fantastic durability, and has the best hygiene. Due to these reasons, SS tanks are mandatory in food plants and hospitals. To add the cherry to the cake, we also supply tanks in custom sizes.
How Long Can I Store Water In SS Tank Before It Goes Off?
If you maintain your SS Tank clean and the water inside the tank is not exposed to the sun light then the stored water will remain clean for many years.
Can a SS Water Storage Tank be put In-Ground?
No, the tanks are not designed to put in-ground.
Is SS Tanks Fire Resistive?
Unlike plastic tanks that catch fire themselves under such conditions, a fire does not necessarily harm a stainless steel tank. Although continuous exposure to high temperatures may damage the seal, the good thing is that the seal is replaceable.
I have observed slippery nature inside of my Plastic Water Tank, Is that Harmful?
The slippery and soapy texture is called biofilm. It is something you definitely do not want in your tank. Biofilm, which forms mainly on the surfaces which are in contact with water are a layer of microorganisms. It creates a layer where organisms can grow, for example, Legionella and E-coli. They reproduce to a great extent and make the water in contact with them contaminated. If you drink that water, you will fall terribly sick. Chlorination is not a solution to the problem because it destroys the surface of the biofilm, and soon it grows again.
Is it mandatory to arrange a medium between SS Tank and the Concrete Base?
This is not required at all. The reason is very simple; stainless steel is not affected by concrete.