About Us

We are one of the leading brands when it comes to Commercial & Industrial RO Water Plants, Stainless Steel Tanks, Water Treatment Components, Water Softeners,  Domestic Water Purifiers, and Cool Water Jars.

Our products are made from the best raw materials available, which we get from reliable vendors, both domestically and from overseas.

Premium-grade raw materials won’t mean anything if we do not have the team to use them properly. Hence we are proud to say that we have an experienced and professional team handling our day-to-day.

They are more than willing to provide their expert guidance not only towards the range of standard domestic models but also expert technical requirements in Commercial RO Plants and Softeners.


Founded in 2005, AquaSafe Water Solutions has come a long way to becoming one of the leading brands in regard to Water Treatment Plants, SS Water Tanks, Water Treatment Components. We are expanding very fast, catering to both national and international clients. We have an excellent network of dealers who are working in cohesion with us to provide the best service possible to our customers.

Since we have an excellent team of professionals who range from technicians, engineers, quality controllers, warehouse professionals, and packaging experts, we have a fantastic set of customer reviews. They have recognized our goals in quality control and our efforts in delivering the best service in coordination with our organizational goals.

Hence with their support and our hard work, we have risen to be one of the leading producers of Water Treatment Components and SS Water Tanks.


Our goal is very simple. We aim to provide the best products without compromising on quality. We are a business, but we always put our customer’s needs before our own so that at the end of the day, we get what we want the most, which is customer satisfaction.


Impure water is a host to many infectious diseases and understanding that, we make RO Water Treatment Plants, SS Water Storage Tanks, Domestic Water Purifiers, and other water purifying systems.
Apart from manufacturing, we also provide free lifetime support and installation.

Here is a list of our Products:
Stainless Steel Tanks, Commercial & Industrial RO Water Treatment Plants, Domestic Water Purifiers (RO, UF, UV, and Alkaline), Cool (Insulated) Water Jars, Water Dispensers, UV Systems, Online Chillers, RO Membranes, Wound Filters, RO Chemicals, Digital Control Panel Boards, Dosing Pumps, and other RO Components.


We have excellent staff working day and night to maintain the production capacity. Not to mention, they are amazing at their job and have the expertise to handle our advanced machines and technology. Due to all such factors as of today, we are a very well known name in the market.

We always believe in the quality of our products and as a result, we always follow the industry norms. Our employees have a brilliant track record in maintaining and manufacturing products of the highest degree.


We provide a host of facilities & the best products, which are quality checked by all our team in each step.
We offer free installation, and also demo products without any hidden charge.
Our best in class after-sales service is what brings our customers back to us year after year.
We have an excellent team of professionals who range from technicians, engineers, quality controllers, warehouse professionals, and packaging experts
We at AquaSafe always deliver our products on time and make sure they are set up correctly.
Our after-sales service, industry expertise in RO, transparent dealing with our clients, affordable prices, and expert staff is what stands us apart from our competition.