RO Components

UV Systems

We have a wide range of UV systems that purify water by removing various contaminants, viruses, bacteria, and many other harmful minerals. The UV lights which include a UV lamp in clear quartz or Teflon jacket, around which the untreated water passes.

We have AST UV units that have the finest 304 & 316 stainless steel. They are electropolished and at the same time externally. This is done to get years of corrosion-free service.

These UV lamps create short wave radiations that immediately kill all bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms.

Aquasafe Wound Filters

PPW series-wound cartridges can withstand severe handling and operation situations. This is due to the High-grade filter media and high strength core it has. These cartridges are mainly used for removing coarse particles from the process fluid. These Cartridges can remove contaminants of various sizes. Since they have a graded pore structure, they have a high dirt holding capacity at very low pressure.

Various features of Micron Cartridge Filters

● The micron rating is 5 microns
● Low-pressure drop at a high flow rate
● They are non-foaming and at the same time have no fabric release
● The materials, core, and media are strictly made per FDA compliant materials.
● Polypropylene or bleached cotton media are available for different applications
● High dirt holding capacity available because of stainless steel core

Aquasafe RO Antiscalant

We are one of the leading manufacturers & suppliers of RO Antiscalant in India.