Cool Water Jars

Cool Water Cans (Price & Specifications)

Aquasafe Cool Water Cans are available in various colors like Blue, Green, Orange, Yellow, etc. Check out the product specifications given below.

Product Specification:

● Inner Material: PPCP

● Capacity: 15 Litre, 18 Litre & 20 Litre

● Color: Blue, Orange, Red, Black, Yellow, Green, Pink

● Price Range: Rs. 450/- to Rs. 600/-

● Delivery Time: 1-7 Days

Availability: In stock

Aquasafe Cool Water Cans: We are well known for our range of products and outstanding service, which we provide all around the nation. We have excellent staff working day and night to maintain the production capacity.

Not to mention, they are amazing at their job and have the expertise to handle our advanced machines and technology. Due to all such factors as of today, we are a very well-known name in the market.


We always believe in the quality of our products and as a result, we built the trust of our customers. Our employees have a brilliant track record in maintaining and manufacturing products of the highest degree.

A few more reasons as to why we are good at what we do are:

● State-of-the-art machines and technologies

● A fantastic team of well-renowned workers

● Always follow the industry norms and hence have products whose quality is of the highest order

● Client-oriented approach

● Option to Customize

● Amazing after-sales and logistic support

● Fast & reliable delivery system